ATA Importing has several decades of experience in the import and export of a variety of food products. These include rice, sesame seeds, turmeric, dried mint, pepper variety, saffron, barberry, and many others. This company always offers products that have met the highest of international standards.
One of the products for which ATA Importing is most well known is the rice. It is available to the market in packages of 10, 20, and 40 pounds. Rice is a seed of a grass species, and it is considered to be a cereal grain. It is the most widely consumed staple food for a lot of the world, particularly in Middle East and Asian countries.
However, rice is not the only product that is imported and exported by this company. Turmeric, a plant that is a part of the ginger family, is also a product of this company that is provided in powder form. It is typically ground into a powder that it is a deep orange-yellow in color and is used as a spice in several Middle East and South Asian cuisines.
Other spices, such as pepper, are also some of the imports and exports that this company handles. These ingredients are used to flavor foods of all different types of cuisines, and they are very versatile. With ATA Importing, it is also guarantee that they will be of the utmost quality to be consumed by individuals.
ATA Importing cares a great deal about the satisfaction of its customers. If you are interested in high quality food that comes at a low price, this company will import food and export food that meets that set of standards. The mission of this company has been, from the very beginning, to offer a diverse selection of products of high quality and satisfy its customers.